Blitz’s Water Rescue

Texas Game Warden Sam Shanafelt and his K-9 partner Blitz are happy they can lend a hand (and paw) to local law enforcement agencies when needed. Late one evening, Shanafelt was contacted by Trinity County Sheriff’s Department to locate a mentally challenged man after his father reported him missing. Blitz caught the scent after finding a fresh boot print in the mud and the search was on. While moving through the thick underbrush of the pine plantation with storms on the way, they could hear a voice calling for his mother in the woods. Blitz and Shanafelt found the man

Ruger’s Story

For the four little boys who were scared and lost in Bastrop County, Ruger will always be their four-legged hero. As the search stretched for hours into a cold winter night, local law enforcement authorities turned to Texas Game Wardens. Game Warden Christy Vales responded with her canine partner, Ruger. After the boys had been lost for more than seven hours, Ruger nosed his way to the shivering and frightened youngsters, who were then safely reunited with their parents. Ruger and his fellow K-9s work in all hours, in all seasons, and don’t stop until the job is done! In the