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Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

Texas Game Warden Sam Shanafelt and his K-9 partner Blitz are happy they can lend a hand (and paw) to local law enforcement agencies when needed. Late one evening, Shanafelt was contacted by Trinity County Sheriff’s Department to locate a mentally challenged man after his father reported him missing. Blitz caught the scent after finding a fresh boot print in the mud and the search was on. While moving through the thick underbrush of the pine plantation with storms on the way, they could hear a voice calling for his mother in the woods.

Blitz and Shanafelt found the man in about six feet of water, painfully tangled up in briars and vines. Using an ATV, Texas Game Wardens were able to pull the distressed man out of the water, returning him to the care of his father.

Help us keep our canine game wardens safe during rescues like these by making a donation todayAll money raised will be used for cooling vests and other needed safety equipment for the Texas Game Warden K-9 Unit.