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Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

The fastest land animal in the Western Hemisphere is facing critically low populations in its native region. Learn how TPWF is helping to restore this magnificent animal.

Pronghorn numbers reached an all-time low in the Trans-Pecos in 2012, dropping to fewer than 3,000 in a region that was home to 17,000 pronghorn in the late 1980s. Landowners, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Trans-Pecos Pronghorn Working Group, and the Borderlands Research Institute (BRI) formed a partnership to identify causative factors for the decline and restore pronghorn populations over at least a five-year period beginning in 2013. Since then, project partners have relocated three groups of pronghorn to the Trans-Pecos to boost population numbers and are implementing vital interventions such as habitat improvements, habitat use monitoring and population surveys.

Support pronghorn restoration today.

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