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Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

A Resolution for 2021

The start of a new year means a fresh slate. For many people, the new year begins with a list of goals—things we want to accomplish that improve our lives and the lives of others. One important task to add to this list: updating or creating your estate plan.

Why It’s Important

An estate plan allows you to plan for the future. You can create the legacy you want to leave and ensure your family is protected well into the future. Without these documents, the laws of your state will determine how your assets are divided after your lifetime. This may leave out people and organizations that are important to you.

How to Get Started

There are many ways to start planning for the future. The first step is finding the team you need to be successful. A financial advisor and estate planning attorney can help you create a plan that meets your goals.

Time for an Update?

If you have already created an estate plan, it is important to ensure that it is current, especially if you have experienced life events such as:

  • A change in marital status
  • A new child
  • The loss of a loved one
  • A move to a new state
  • The desire to make an impact at organizations like Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation in the future

Make TPWF Part of Your Legacy

When you include a gift to Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation in your estate plan, you ensure your support for our work continues into the future. Contact Julie Shaddox at or 214.720.1478 to learn more.