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Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

Margaret Martin grew up on a South Texas Ranch near Laredo where her experiences connected her to nature in a way that inspired her lifelong commitment to conservation. Always active in her community, Margaret is a strong believer in the importance of citizen involvement, law enforcement, and collaborating among diverse organizations to benefit all. She held leadership positions at an early age and served on many agriculture-focused boards in Laredo. In 2007, Governor Rick Perry recognized her passion and commitment and appointed her to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission where she served until 2015.

“That experience changed my life. I thought I had a good idea of what Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) did, but I really had no idea of the vast scope of its purview until I served on the Commission. TPWD has amazing responsibilities and the services they provide are unbelievable. My gratitude goes to the wonderful men and women who serve as Texas Game Wardens, the managers of our enormous network of state parks and wildlife areas and the biologists whose conservation efforts protect our wildlife, fisheries and our precious natural resources. TPWD touches so many things that Texans hold dear.”

In addition, Martin chaired the Education and Outreach Committee of the Commission where she was able to share her passion for engaging more young people in the outdoors.

“We have to educate children and all people who aren’t aware of the stewardship of our natural resources,” said Martin. “That’s crucial if we want to be around for future generations.”

Martin is also a lifelong committed supporter of Texas Game Wardens.

“They have such a passion and a heart for what they do. They are there in good times and bad, protecting our resources, saving lives and rescuing people during natural disasters. Texas Game Wardens have so many stories. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to get to know so many of these amazing men and women.”

After her Commission service, Martin was tapped to serve on the board of trustees for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF).

“Being a Texas Parks and Wildlife Commissioner before coming onto the TPWF board gives me a unique perspective in understanding how important TPWF is to the Department,” she said. “TPWF is the wind beneath the wings of the Department. It’s a great partnership.”

Martin has supported the Foundation’s work for years and is continuing to support TPWF into the future through a planned gift in her estate.

“The work of TPWD is dear to my heart,” she said. “It touches the full spectrum of everything in my life that is positive. I trust the Foundation enough to know that the right decisions will be made about my future gift to Texas Game Wardens. It’s just the right thing to do and I encourage others to participate.”

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