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Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

Lynise Marshall shared a passion for the outdoors with her late husband, Steve Scott. He grew up visiting state parks across Texas, and when Steve and Lynise got together, the two spent many happy days road tripping to parks from their home base near Houston. They also had many travel adventures all over the world.

“We visited many beautiful places in our time together, but none had our heart and soul like Texas,” she said. “We loved visiting Texas State Parks.”

Before he died in 2020, Steve made sure that his will included a donation to Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF). As she grieved his loss, Lynise wanted to honor Steve’s memory in a way he would appreciate. She reached out to TPWF and learned about a fundraising effort for a new state park in North Texas. That conversation inspired Lynise to begin her own fundraising effort. Now, thanks to Lynise and friends, a picnic shelter at Palo Pinto Mountains State Park will bear Steve’s name.

“It’s close enough so I can visit it when the new park opens, and his daughters can also visit,” Lynise said. “He has a grandchild he never got to meet, and when she grows up, she can visit, too. It’s a fitting legacy.”

Working with TPWF to honor Steve’s memory inspired Lynise to think about her own estate plan.

“It really got me thinking about what legacy I want to leave,” Lynise said. “When I made the donation for Steve, I visited Palo Pinto Mountains State Park and met TPWF staff members. I was so impressed with their dedication and professionalism and was vastly impressed with the mission. It dawned on me that this is the absolutely best thing that I can do.”

To forever protect the parks that she and Steve loved, Lynise made a planned gift to Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation through her will.

“Making a gift to protect Texas parks will affect so many people’s lives now and in the future. We need our parks and they will help the future of our planet.”

Find out more about how you can make a planned gift to TPWF.