Conserving Texas Rivers

By October 6, 2017 October 9th, 2017 Projects

In the heart of Texas, the population of 18 Hill Country counties has grown by nearly 700,000 people over the last decade, resulting in increased demands on nearby rivers. TPWF is working to ensure the long-term health of these critical water sources.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is leading conservation efforts of the Hill Country’s river systems by expanding its partnerships with private landowners and local community organizations. These partnerships are facilitating improvements along the rivers to reduce erosion, improve water quality, restore and preserve native plant communities, and support healthy in-stream habitats for fish and other aquatic resources in the Blanco, Pedernales, Devils and Llano River watersheds. Since the 10-year initiative began in 2010, biologists have worked to restore over 8,500 acres of habitat and improve management of over 100,000 acres of ranch land. This effort has also resulted in the stocking of over 1 million Guadalupe bass (the state fish of Texas).

Support river conservation today.

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