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Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

For the past quarter century, Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation has played a vital role in conserving the lands and waters of Texas through private philanthropy.  More than 200,000 acres have been protected, an area that’s larger than some countries!

Philanthropy was critical to the successful acquisition of the stunning 17,351-acre Powderhorn Ranch along the Texas coast, the most important coastal land initiative in decades. A portion of the property is now a wildlife management area, forever conserving habitat for hundreds of species, including the endangered whooping crane. The remaining portion of the property will one day become a state park.




Matagorda Peninsula has been the target of conservation efforts since the 1980s, and TPWF plays a pivotal role in connecting funders who seek to conserve Texas’ sensitive coastal resources to opportunities for impactful investment. TPWF has provided matching funds and low-cost interim financing to acquire over 6,100 acres of pristine barrier habitat on Matagorda Peninsula. The newly acquired acreage is permanently conserved as part of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Matagorda Peninsula Coastal Management Area.

In 2010, a pristine stretch of the Devils River was saved from development forever after a private fundraising effort brought in $10 million, which was leveraged with $4 million in state and federal funds. Nearly 18,000 acres of biologically diverse and culturally significant land in Val Verde County were conserved, including 10 miles of frontage along the Devils River.

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Together, we can ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife for the benefit of all Texans.

“I’m from Texas, and one of the reasons I like Texas is because there’s no one in control.”

Willie Nelson