Stewards of the Wild is a young professionals program supporting the mission of Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. With member-led chapters in major cities throughout the state, Stewards of the Wild engages 21- to 45-year-old outdoor enthusiasts by hosting exclusive events to raise awareness of conservation issues facing future generations.

Become a Steward of the Wild today and ensure that current and future generations can enjoy, explore, and be inspired by the wild things and wild places of Texas.

Become a Steward of the Wild

 Advisory Council

Chair – Cole Harrison
Communications – Regan Winstead
Events – Thomas Favrot and Matt Etheredge
Membership Recruiting – Charles Carson, Ford Edwards, Neel Huey and Walker Netherton
Service Projects – Clay Arrington and Sharon Yacob
Sponsorship – Barton Irby and Chris Ryan

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Upcoming Events

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