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Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

Buffer Lands Incentive Program

Keeping Texas Wild

TPWF Program Helps Buffer Protected Lands from Development

About the Program

TPWF helps ensure parks, wildlife management areas, wildlife refuges, and other important conservation sites are protected all across Texas. These lands are vital, but without further efforts they will become islands of conservation if the rural property around them is not also conserved.

That’s why TPWF supports the protection of Texas’ rural lands and wildlife habitats by helping private landowners conserve their land through conservation easements. These easements make it possible for landowners to protect natural and cultural resources for the future, while still maintaining ownership of their land. Many Texans are interested in conserving their property this way, but it can be a large financial commitment. Between surveys, title work, and stewardship endowments, the costs add up. TPWF’s Buffer Lands Incentive Program (BLIP) helps ease these financial burdens for conservation-minded Texas landowners.

Thanks to generous support from the Knobloch Family Foundation and The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, TPWF’s Buffer Lands Incentive Program helps defray costs with grants up to $50,000 per project. This connection of philanthropy and conservation-minded Texas, facilitated by TPWF, is yet another example of our wide-reaching work.

Permanently protecting healthy habitats increases the conservation value of protected land nearby. More conserved land means more suitable habitats for critical species like grassland birds. As more land is developed across Texas, efforts to assist with the establishment of conservation easements will keep Texas Wild for generations of Texans to come.

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