Episode 17: State of Conservation Dinner

Episode #17: State of Conservation Dinner

Zoos play a critical role in species conservation. So do conservation foundations and private citizens.

Listen in on this month’s podcast as TPWF Executive Director, Anne Brown, Dallas Zoo’s Harrison Edell and Joe Crafton with Park Cities Quail discuss State of Conservation in Texas today.

Episode 16: Rockport


Cities around Texas still have plenty of work to be done in the aftermath of Harvey.

This month we sit down with three game wardens and a local boat guide to hear what it was like to be on the front lines of hurricane Harvey rescues.

Want to help? Donate to TPWD employees affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Episode 15: Ben Masters

Ben Masters looks at Texas landscape

Head out to the mountains of West Texas as wildlife filmmaker Ben Masters talks about the struggles of filming bighorn sheep, along with the history of this amazing animal with expert Mark Garret.

The desert bighorn was completely extirpated from Texas by the early 1960’s, learn all about the species and what conservationist have done to restore them back to the Trans-Pecos in this month’s podcast.

Episode 14: Bracken Cave

Episode 14: Bracken Cave

This month we headed out to Bracken Cave, the largest bat colony in the world, to see what its like watching 20 million bats take flight.

Listen in as we discuss all things bats with Fran Hutchins, the director of Bracken Cave Preserve, and Jonah Evans the Mammologist for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Episode 13: Hiking across Texas

Podcast Episode 13: Hiking across Texas

A few years back, Dave Roberts decided to retire and enjoy more of the natural world around him. So he took a hike. And then another. And, then, in his early 70s, he decided to literally hike across Texas.

Listen to the Texas Parks and Wildlife podcast and enjoy the journey.

Episode 12: Texas Game Wardens- Water Safety Patrol

Podcast Episode 12: Texas Game Wardens- Water Safety Patrol

This month, we’re riding along with Texas Game Wardens on one of the busiest lakes in Texas on a holiday weekend. Take a sometimes wild ride with us as we tag along while Texas game wardens keep us all safe on the water.

Episode 11: Pat Murray

Pat Murray

This month, Pat Murray joins us for an in-depth conversation about marine conservation efforts underway in Texas and beyond. Pat is national president of the Coastal Conservation Association and has a passion for fishing and for conserving marine resources.

Listen in to this month’s podcast and conversation with Pat Murray.

Episode 10: Roy Seiders

Podcast Episode 10: Roy Seiders

This month, we’re catching up with Roy Seiders, the co-founder and chair of YETI. Roy and his family are passionate about hunting, fishing and the outdoors, and it has inspired their business success and their family life.

Listen in to this month’s podcast and conversation with Roy Seiders.

Episode 9: Earl Nottingham

Podcast Episode 9: Earl Nottingham

The Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, making it the oldest continuously published magazine in Texas. Each month subscribers look forward to the spectacular photography that brings its pages to life. This month we interviewed Earl Nottingham to find out what it takes to be the chief photographer for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Episode 8: Laura Bush

Podcast Episode 8: Laura Bush

This month, we’re celebrating all the things we love about Texas……including former First Lady Laura Bush! Mrs. Bush spends a lot of time and energy for the love of Texas. She is passionate about parks and natural resource conservation. Listen in to this month’s podcast and conversation with Mrs. Bush to hear what inspires her efforts.