Texas Artist Keeping it Wild

About the Project

TPWF is thrilled to be partnering with Billy Hassell on a specially commissioned lithograph series depicting the wild things and wild places of Texas. Billy’s commission will include a series of five editions of 30 prints each, as well as a boxed set of all five lithographs. The first edition, depicting Powderhorn Ranch, is pictured here. Powderhorn Ranch is home to a great variety of birds and native grasses and is one of the last remaining tracts of unspoiled coastal prairie in Texas. Subsequent editions will be released periodically throughout the next two years, with the final edition set to be released in the fall of 2017.

Want to see how this piece of artwork was made? Watch the video below:

Galleries that will carry the Keeping it Wild lithographs include:

Conduit Gallery, Dallas

William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth

William Reaves Fine Art, Houston

Questions? Contact TPWF at 214.720.1478.