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Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation 2015 ANNUAL REPORT Working with private funders TPWF raised 45 million to acquire the Dan A. Hughes Unit of Devils River State Natural Area front and back cover and Powderhorn Ranch this page. These incredible wild places will be conserved in perpetuity. Since 1991 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation has leveraged public funds with private philanthropy to advance Texas proud outdoor traditions and conserve our states wildlife habitat and natural resources. Our vision is for all Texans to have access to the wild things and wild places in our state both now and for generations to come. Texas is blessed with a diversity of wildlife waters and iconic landscapes that make up our natural heritage. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation applauds those who devote their lives to the conservation of these treasures for future generations. We are all enriched by the work of biologists park rangers and game wardens who have made conservation their careers by philanthropists whose love of the land is a wellspring for generous giving and by volunteers who serve their state by sharing their passion for nature with others. Texas is truly lled with treasures and we think these people are among them. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is proud to share the stories of how they are keeping Texas wild. Chairman Kelly R. Thompson Trustees Bruce Berg Mark E. Bivins Randy J. Cleveland Kathy Cook Collins Dan J. Craine Bruce Culpepper Angie K. Dickson Robert E. Fondren L.R. Robin French III Eric T. Greager Mike Greene Stephen Gustafson Parker C. Johnson Cadell S. Liedtke Patrick Murray Bob Starnes Brad Tucker TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES Honorary Trustees Lee M. Bass Chairman Emeritus TPW Commission Will C. Beecherl Edwin L. Ed Cox Jr. George C. Tim Hixon C. Patrick Oles Jr. Ex Officio Trustees The Honorable Ralph H. Duggins The Honorable Bill Jones Carter Smith Executive Director TPWD Anne Brown Executive Director Merrill Chester Legacy Giving Director Susan Houston Philanthropy Director Jay Kleberg Associate Director Lydia Saldaa Communications Director TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE FOUNDATION STAFF LEADERSHIP From ensuring the long-term health of Texas rivers and restoring native wildlife to enhancing the Texas State Park system and training the next generation of Texas Game Wardens Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is committed to conserving the very nature of Texas. Behind every one of these projects are dedicated professionals who are passionate about conservation. And fortunately there are philanthropists who are equally dedicated to conserving the very best of Texas. The Foundation brings together the projects and people who are making a difference for present and future generations of Texans. As we reflect on our past years accomplishments in this annual report we also look to the future and celebrate those who are making a difference. Thank you for your support of the people who are keeping it wild. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is dedicated to funding high-impact meaningful projects that will ensure future generations can enjoy the wild things and wild places that are part of the character of our state. KELLY R. THOMPSON Chairman Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation ANNE BROWN Executive Director Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Texas Game Wardens On the Front Lines For more than a century Texas Game Wardens have watched over the lands waters and people of Texas. And in times of natural disaster they are on the front lines saving lives. Game wardens Brent Satsky Kevin Frazier and Jake Scott dont think of themselves as heroes. But for the people involved in dozens of rescues in central Texas over Memorial Day weekend in 2015 Texas Game Wardens made the dierence between life and death. As torrential downpours turned the Blanco River into raging oodwaters that swamped area roads and ripped houses from foundations Hays County authorities elded hundreds of distress calls. Texas Game Wardens were there with the training specialized equipment and knowledge of the terrain that made them invaluable that harrowing weekend. One of the most difficult and dangerous rescues happened in the early morning hours of May 24. Fran Barrington climbed to the second story of her home as oodwater rose screaming for help. Navigating through perilous waters Satsky Frazier and Scott were able to pluck her from her upstairs window saving her life. Her dogs were rescued too. For Fran Barrington these three wardens will always be heroes. LOUIS H. STUMBERG SR. TPW Commissioner Louis Stumberg called many Texas Game Wardens friends. Over the years Stumberg and his children developed lifelong relationships with the local wardens who patrolled the back roads and ranches of Dimmit County in South Texas. I can still remember Jim Ponds coming to the ranch and trading stories with my dad said Herb Stumberg. There was such camaraderie and trust there. Game wardens are true community policemen. Stumberg gained a different perspective on the work of game wardens when he was appointed to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission in the 1970s. And after he left the commission Stumberg presented the prestigious Shikar-Safari International Wildlife Ocer of the Year Award to a Texas Game Warden annually for many years. Stumberg passed away in 2011 but family ties to game wardens are still strong. To honor their fathers memory his children made a 1 million gift to the Texas Game Warden Training Center. Our dad had a sincere affection and appreciation for our wildlife ocers. And we know game wardens are integral to conserving the outdoor experience in Texas which has blessed us said Eric Stumberg. Helping to provide the training and equipment game wardens need is meaningful for our family. Deceased HEATHER KUHLKEN Families in Nature Founder Heather Kuhlken is on a mission to promote and support Families in Nature. The nonprofit organization aims to connect children and their families to nature and to each other through time spent learning playing and volunteering outdoors. Families in Nature has partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife to receive the Master Outdoor Leadership Training which is provided by the Texas Outdoor Family program. Thanks to the partnership Families in Nature now has seven trained volunteers to expand the organizations reach. These programs have made it possible for an organization as small as ours to include families that do not have the means to go camping on their own said Kuhlken. Without the loaner gear provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation and the training from the Texas Outdoor Family program we would only have been able to take a few families camping. Because of this partnership we are able to reach hundreds of families and bring more diversity to the outdoors. For Kuhlken its all about families and the future. It is my hope that we will help create strong families and strong communities through family time spent in nature. I also hope to create the next generation of conservationists. Nature is for everyone HEATHER KUHLKEN Connecting Texas Families to Nature What some of us may take for granted is now being conrmed by research Spending time in nature is good for mind body and soul. And there is no better way to connect as a family than by spending time together outdoors. But in the fast-paced urban world most of us live in connecting with nature as a family can be elusive. For some lack of experience is a formidable barrier. The Texas Outdoor Family program at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department aims to remove that obstacle by providing hands-on opportunities at Texas State Parks. Experienced park rangers take the mystery out of that rst camping trip by helping families learn the ropes. Since the program began thousands of families have connected with each other and with nature at a Texas Outdoor Family weekend. Thanks to private funding from Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Texas Outdoor Family is amplifying its impact. A pilot program in Houston has trained leaders from more than a dozen organizations so that more families can be reached. The Master Outdoor Leadership Training program is now expanding into Austin San Antonio and DallasFort Worth. Soon even more Texas families will experience the joys of nature together. Enduring Partnerships for Palo Duro Canyon Wales Madden Jr. has been visiting Palo Duro Canyon all his life. He remembers when the roads and trails built by the Civilian Conservation Corps were new. Since the canyon became a state park in the 1930s partnerships have transformed it into a world-class destination. In 1961 the Amarillo Area Foundation asked Madden to lead a fundraising eort for an amphitheater. The result was the Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation and production of the outdoor musical Texas which is still going strong today. Madden has spent much time in the canyon including with Wanda and Pete Gilvin who owned the Caoncita Ranch on the rim now a part of the park. Madden also hiked the canyon countless times over the years with his good friend Mack Dick. Dicks love of the canyon led to a 1 million donation to build the Mack Dick Group Pavilion. The parks friends group Partners in Palo Duro Canyon Foundation helped furnish the interior of the spectacular building. The legacy of partnerships is not just about our history its our future said Palo Duro Canyon State Park superintendent Shannon Blalock. Whether its helping with smaller needs or visionary development down the road there are many individuals and organizations that will continue to enhance the visitor experience at Palo Duro Canyon. WANDA AND PETE GILVIN Philanthropists Wanda and Pete Gilvin lived and breathed Palo Duro Canyon. Their beautiful ranch home was perched right on the canyons rim. They unabashedly supported efforts to enhance canyon amenities. How lucky we were to have Pete and Wanda said Wales Madden Jr. Pete was the leader of anything we did at the canyon and a key supporter of building the amphitheater. They both loved that canyon. The Gilvins were generous benefactors in Amarillo and were involved in many civic organizations. Wanda passed away in 1995 and Pete in 1997. They bequeathed their beloved Caoncita to the Amarillo Area Foundation. In 2001 the ranch was sold to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department forever safeguarding the property and its incredible views. Proceeds from the sale are now held in an endowment fund to help care for the property. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation raised additional funds to restore and rebuild the ranch house. The new facilities will now be used for educational purposes including a research partnership with West Texas AM University. They always wanted to learn more about the canyon said Mark Bivins Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation board member and former TPW commissioner. I think they would be very pleased to see how Caoncita has been transformed and conserved. I think its exactly how they would have pictured it.pictured it. TIM BIRDSONG Fisheries Biologist Tim Birdsong is a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department fisheries biologist who is leading the Conserving Texas Rivers Initiative. I feel like it is my job as a biologist to help people understand what would be lost if we didnt take care of these river resources said Birdsong. There are 220 native fishes found in Texas rivers and 30 percent have conservation needs. These species could easily slip away and very few might notice. Its up to programs like ours to help people understand what would be lost if we let that happen. Birdsong is deeply appreciative of Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundations role in raising funds to match federal dollars. Were now expanding this model to the Blanco Pedernales and Devils rivers Birdsong said. And in every situation we would not be able to access federal funds without the Foundation bringing private donations to cover that non-federal cost share. Thats a problem for most state agencies. The federal grantors want to see leveraging. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation fills that gap for us. Birdsong is hopeful about the future. For me conservation is an optimistic forward- looking concept. As a conservation professional I am filled with hope and a desire to make a difference and a lasting impact on the health of our natural resources. Conserving Texas Rivers The owing waters of the rivers and streams of Texas are naturally beautiful assets that sustain sh wildlife and people. But the fast-growing population of Texas threatens their long-term health. The Conserving Texas Rivers initiative is a public-private partnership that is successfully leveraging federal state and private funds to keep Texas rivers healthy. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department program is investing dollars in research and restoration including landowner incentives. The initiative has successfully restored thousands of acres of habitat and improved land management practices on more than 100000 acres of ranch land. These eorts directly benet central Texas rivers improving habitat for Guadalupe bass the state sh of Texas. And people are benetting from improved water quality. More than 2 million has been raised for the Llano watershed alone much of it federal funds that have been matched with dollars given by private donors and foundations. The Favrot Fund has been pleased to provide funding for this initiative with direct support for Texas Hill Country rivers said Leo Favrot Favrot Fund trustee. We understand the importance of maintaining the quality of these rivers and the important role Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation plays in ensuring that these treasures are not compromised for future generations. Leaving a Legacy The rural landscape of Texas embodies a ruggedness of character that both teaches and inspires. As land held in families for generations is subdivided or sold in smaller parcels Texas heritage is at risk of being lost forever. Our responsibility as stewards is all the more vital today. In partnership with landowners and donors Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is working to save the landscapes of Texas for future generations. From spectacular acquisitions like Powderhorn Ranch to smaller land holdings in strategic locations the Foundation is actively involved in conserving the wide open spaces that dene us as Texans. Were working to identify fund and conserve iconic landscapes across Texas before they are lost forever said Jay Kleberg associate director for Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation. Were also actively seeking gifts of land for their habitat value. Bob Starnes chairs the land committee of the Foundations board of trustees. Because of our partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department we know were focusing on priority needs said Starnes. Were also able to leverage donor funds through strategic collaborations. Last year through outright gifts establishment of donor advised funds or planned gifts Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation was able to conserve over 13389 acres and dedicate 18980528 to land conservation. We hope more Texans will consider a legacy gift to help conserve the wild things and wild places of Texas said Starnes. ROBBIE DAVIS Philanthropist Robbie Davis had a deep-rooted connection to the land. She grew up on her familys ranch in Stephens County and when her parents passed away the 2800-acre ranch came to her. Though she did not live there as an adult she cared deeply for the land legacy her parents left. As she began planning her estate in her later years she consulted with Jim Farley senior V.P. of the Trust Division SouthWest Bank in Lubbock. Robbie approached me about helping her manage the ranch interests said Farley. She also expressed a strong desire for the ranch to ultimately benefit the people of Texas. Farley researched several options. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation rose to the top he said. Its a respected charitable entity with goals that matched hers. The trust recently deeded the property to TPWF. The Foundation will manage the ranch working to improve habitat for the next few years and will eventually work with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to open it up for public hunting. I know Robbie would be very pleased that her desire for the ranch to be maintained and enjoyed by future generations has been fulfilled said Farley. JIM FARLEY Financial Advisor said Farley. JIM FARLEY 2015 2014 ASSETS Cash and Investments 19723599 17805956 Receivables net 12259443 12922912 Fixed Assets net 33794883 18218425 Assets Held for Others 470908 1909693 Other Assets 98944 260536 TOTAL ASSETS 66347777 51117522 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities Accounts Payable and Other Liabilities 86503 132500 Assets Held for Others 470908 1909693 TOTAL LIABILITIES 557411 2042193 Net assets Unrestricted 40428094 231 1 2558 Temporarily restricted 24040034 25062771 Permanently restricted 1322238 900000 TOTAL NET ASSETS 65790366 49075329 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS 66347777 51117522 Land Acquisition of 16M and 17.7M is recorded as an asset of the Foundation on the Condensed Statement of Financial Position for FY2015 and FY2014 respectively. CONDENSED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION For the Year Ended December 31 2015 2014 The 2015 Condensed Statement of Activities and Position is unaudited. For the most recent audited financial information as of December 31 2014 please contact TPWF. 2015 2014 REVENUES AND ADDITIONS TO NET ASSETS Contributions Unrestricted 4340174 1230223 Restricted 14768134 33709373 Total Contributions 19108308 34939596 Special Event net of DBC 376779 895439 Investment Income 255450 778691 Other Income 5593473 150068 TOTAL REVENUES AND ADDITIONS TO NET ASSETS 24823110 36763794 EXPENSES AND REDUCTIONS TO NET ASSETS Program Grants 4554679 1328587 Direct Project Cost and Scholarships 3253777 2096375 TOTAL PROGRAM 7808456 3424962 Support Services Development 115829 124439 Management and General 183788 167632 TOTAL SUPPORT SERVICES 299617 292071 TOTAL EXPENSES AND REDUCTIONS TO NET ASSETS 8108073 3717033 NET INCREASE IN NET ASSETS 16715037 33046761 CONDENSED STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES AND CHANGES IN NET ASSETS For the Year Ended December 31 2015 2014 The 2015 Condensed Statement of Activities and Position is unaudited. For the most recent audited financial information as of December 31 2014 please contact TPWF. Betsy and G. Hughes Abell Norman Ackermann ACL LiveW Austin Beverly Adkins Advanced Ecology Ltd. Ag Workers Auto Insurance AgPro Insurance Agency The Alfred S. Gage Foundation Alterman Electric Amarillo Area Foundation The American Alpine Club Anheuser-Busch Arbor Day Foundation Scott C. Ausburn Austin Theatre Alliance Donna Bailey BASF Corporation Ramona and Lee Bass Bearden Foundation Kay and Will Beecherl Matt Berry Sr. Michelle and Matt Berry Jr. Ellen and Mark Bivins The Boone Family Foundation Jefferson M. Boswell Sheryl and Keith Brown Building Conservation Trust Nelda L. Callarman Capital Farm Credit Cash Construction Company Inc. Carolyn and Gerald Cason Jan and Jack Cato Catto Charitable Foundation CCNG Inc. John Chalmers Children Nature Network Coastal Bend Community Foundation Coastal Conservation Association Texas Colorado River Land Trust Compton Foundation Lynn and Peter Coneway Krista and Leslie Courson Kathie and Ed Cox Jr. The Crain Foundation Sallee and Dan Craine Cross Timbers Quail Marie and Arthur Crowe Amber E. and Ray A. Curry Dallas Safari Club Joanie and Toby Darden Keli and Charles Davidson Becca and Mark Davis Robbie Davis Bonnie and Berkley Dawson Deans Lyons LLP Angie Dickson and Robert Bollas DM Wood Foundation Dorothy Drummer Associates Ducks Unlimited Earl C. Sams Foundation Earth Day Texas Earth Share of Texas East Foundation East Texas Woods and Waters Foundation Ed Rachal Foundation The Elkins Foundation Ida Darleene Ellison Engel Entertainment Inc. The Favrot Fund Fawcett Charitable Remainder Unitrust Veronica and Brian Felix Blair and Joseph Fitzsimons Catherine Fleischner The Fondren Foundation Carol and Rob Fondren Anne and Robin French Debra and Dan Friedkin Cullen K. Geiselman George Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Goldman Sachs Co. Mr. and Mrs. Jo A. Graves Graves Dougherty Hearon and Moody Greater Houston Quail Coalition Janet and Mike Greene Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority Victoria and Royston Guidry Gulf States Toyota Debbie and Stephen Gustafson H. Yturria Land Cattle Co. Joy and Ken Hargett Christopher Harte Pamela and William S. Harte Harvey Weil Sportsman Conservationist Award Anne Hawkins H-E-B A. G. Hermann III The Herndon Family Foundation Hill Country Alliance Karen and Tim Hixon Hoffpauir Auto Group and Outdoor Stores Kay and Ned Holmes Gerald Hooper The Horizon Foundation Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Tina and Will Houston Nita and Chris Hudson Peggy and Dan Allen Hughes Jr. Cathey and Donald Humphreys Pat and M. H. Inselmann The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation Thank you to the many generous donors who supported Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation from January 1 2015 to December 31 2015. James and Kathleen Collins Family Foundation JEM Beverage Company Inc. Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation The John M. OQuinn Foundation Ann and Dick Jones Dodie Juarez and Dick Scott Deborah Kelley Kendall Law Group Zigmund Khersonsky Olive and Richard Kleberg Kelly and J.B. Kolodzey LAiglon Foundation Lynn Lasher Jeanne and Bob Latimer Legacy Land Ranches Susan and Steve Lewis Marion and Cadell Liedtke Todd Little Llano Springs Ranch Ltd. Cornelia and Meredith Long Timothy Loonam Carol Lynn and Cullen Looney Jane and Robert Lundell Cindy and Jim Lynn Wales Madden Jr. Family Madden Asset Management Malcolm Reed Ventures LP Marguerite Sours Foundation The Mariposa FundSally Kleberg Margaret Martin Linda and Steve Masera Paula and Joe McBride McBrides Guns Kathrine McGovern Meta Alice Keith Bratten Foundation Ellen V. Miller Joanna and John Mitchell Laurie and Reed Morian The Morningstar Foundation Motorola Solutions Foundation Patrick Murray National Fish Wildlife Foundation National Recreation Foundation National Rifle Association National Wild Turkey Federation Native American Seed Bobbie and John Nau Kristen and John Nelson Donelle and Charles Nevill Nueces River Authority Louise OConnor Julie and Pat Oles Oncor Electric Delivery Danna Orr Park Cities Quail Parks Family Foundation Alice and Dean Parsons Paul and Deborah Adams Family Foundation Phillips 66 Louise and Peter Pincoffs Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce The Ramona F. Bass Foundation D. K. and Mike Reynolds The Risher Companies Carol and Pat Robertson Missy and Randy Rodgers Deedie and Rusty Rose Ruth Bowman Russell St. Bernard Sports San Antonio River Authority Nona and Andrew Sansom Sarco Creek Ranch Laurie and John Saunders Melissa and Doug Schnitzer Marcia and Royal Schorlemmer Shell Deer Park Refining Company Employees Shell Oil Company Shield-Ayres Foundation Sid W. Richardson Foundation Silver Cinemas Acquisition Company Silver Eagle Distributors Allen W. Smith Julie and Dennis Stacy Robert T. Stacy Judi and Bob Staton Jr. Barbara and Lias J. Steen Sterling-Turner Foundation Catherine N. Stumberg Keri and Eric Stumberg Paula and Herb Stumberg The Family of Louis H. Stumberg Sr. Swarovski Optik N. A. Terra Stone Land Company Mary and Mike Terry Texas AM Forest Service Texas Farm Bureau Texas Farm Credit Texas Land Trust Council Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Texas Westmoreland Coal Company Texas Wildlife Association Rebecca and Philip G. Thomas Carla and Kelly Thompson Dustin Tindall TIW Corporation Toyota Texas Bass Classic The Trull Foundation Stephanie and Brad Tucker Ralph Tullier Tutcher Family Foundation USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Johannes van Waveren The Vaughan Family Veritex Community Bank Theresa and Wayne Vincent Vinson Elkins Walton Family Foundation Warner Brothers Production Courtney and Mark Watson Jr. Waukesha-Pearce Industries Inc. Mercedes and Harry Whittington Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson YETI Coolers Edith and Robert Zinn Names in italics represent intended bequests. Please contact the Foundation for additional information on making a gift from your will or estate. Realized Bequest 2914 Swiss Avenue Dallas TX 75204 214.720.1478 Please consider remembering Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation in your estate plan.