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Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

Danielle Prewett

Founder of Wild + Whole

Photographs by Jonathan Vail

Meet Danielle Prewett

Danielle Prewett and her husband live off the land, hunting and fishing for the protein that ends up on their dinner table. She is a passionate advocate for healthy whole foods and believes there’s nothing more wholesome than fish and game that you harvest yourself.

She took up hunting when she married an avid hunter and angler and began tagging along on his outdoor outings as an observer. A 2012 move to North Dakota proved to be life changing. She took a hunter safety course, got her own hunting and fishing license, and began a journey to discover more about her newfound avocation.

She also began sharing her experiences online with a passion project called Wild + Whole, where she shares what she knows about cooking with wild game and foraging in the field. At first, it was a side gig done on nights and weekends while she worked a day job, but as she gained an audience, people took notice. Danielle now does it full time as a Wild Foods Contributing Editor for Meateater, and tens of thousands of people follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Danielle and her husband moved back to Texas a few years ago, and she took up fishing. While she was all-in on hunting by this time, it took her a little longer to get into fishing.

“My first impression of fishing was that it was a more passive endeavor than hunting,” she said. “But then my husband took me to the coast and showed me how to sight cast for redfish. It opened up a whole new world that I didn’t even realize existed, and I love to fish now.”

It also opened up her eyes to the importance of taking care of the natural resources she depends on for sustenance.

“I came at this from a food angle, and I had no idea that it would turn me into such a conservationist. The more that I spent time outside and the more that I had a tangible connection to the ingredients I was sourcing, I realized everything that is necessary in order for these habitats and animals to thrive.”

– Danielle Prewett

Now, Danielle is thrilled to join the ranks of ambassadors for Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

“We’re losing so much habitat in Texas and more people need to get involved in conservation to keep healthy fish and wildlife populations.”

Danielle hopes to continue inspiring people to connect with their food source and eat more consciously, and she appreciates having another platform to help spread the message.

“I want to use this opportunity and my voice to make a difference and to share the things that I’m passionate about. This is what drives me, getting people to really care about the natural resources that sustain us all.”

Follow along with Danielle at Wild + Whole.

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